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A company specializing in the use of geotechnology to provide surveying and geodesy services.



We have professionals ready to meet the Brazilian law 10267, following the technical standards of the INCRA..



Attentive to new market requirements, constantly updated in training in software and equipment.

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About Us




The Avante Land Surveying and Geo-referencing LTD have been working since 2012. In São Paulo state and Brazil. The company´s staff consists of Cartographers Engineers, Technicians Surveying, Designers and Auxiliary plus high end equipment such as RTK GNSS Receiver, Laser Scanners, Conventional Total Stations, Autolock and robotic, and UAVs.
The company was founded by engineers Cartographers formed at the FCT - UNESP with Post Graduation in Management, working since its formation in the area of Surveying and Geodesy with solid knowledge and experience in projects require reliable results.


Avante! (free translation: Onwards)

Provide services in Surveying and Geodesy acting safely and profitably, promoting gains in time and cost, through the most advanced equipment and techniques available in the market.

Be the reference of quality and technology company in Brazil in providing services in Surveying and Geodesy in a sustainable Brazil.

Technology and innovation respecting life and the Environment, obtaining results with quality and speed; and above all, proud to be Avante.